Ji Chen's artworks have been exhibited in many galleries through out the world including Without Pier GalleryPaint Box Gallery, Traffic Jam Gallery, David Summer Gallery, Mary Place GalleryHill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Penfolds Fine Art Gallery, Caulfield City Council Gallery and Agora Gallery. Many of which still exhibit his works, to keep up to date with Ji's future exhibition please subscribe to our newsletter by signing up with your email address.   


2014- Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2013- Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2013-Traffic Jam Gallery, Melbourne

2012-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2011-Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2010-Paintbox Fine Art Gallery, Canberra

2009-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2008-Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2007-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2006-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2006-Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2006-'Sydney 2006', Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

2005-Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2005-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2004-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2003-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2003-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2003-Jenny Pihan Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2002-Jenny Pihan Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2002-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2002-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2001-Boat House Gallery, Melbourne

2001-Penfolds Fine Art Gallery Bendigo

2001-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2000-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2000-Boat House Gallery, Melbourne

1999-Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery Adelaide

1998-Penfolds Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide

1998-Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide

1997-Hill Smith Fine Arts Gallery, Adelaide

1997-Boat House Arts Gallery, Melbourne

1996-Penfolds Fine Art Gallery, Bendigo

1996-Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide

1995 -Hill Smith Fine Art Gallery, Adelaide

1994-Caulfield City Council Gallery, Melbourne 



2013- Traffic Jam Gallery Duo Exhibition, Melbourne

2010-“Out From Down Under & Beyond” Fine Art from Australia and New Zealand Agora Gallery, New York USA

2009-“Out From Down Under & Beyond” Agora Gallery, New York USA

2009-“City Lag” Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China

2008-Art Singapore

2008-Art Melbourne 08, Art Brisbane

2008-David Sumner Gallery, Adelaide

2008-Jenny Pihan Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne

2007-Art Sydney 07

2007-Paintbox Fine Art, London

2007-Art Melbourne 07

2006-Art Ireland, Dublin

2006-Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art Prize

2006-Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2006-Art Melbourne 06

2005-Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne, overall winner

2005-David Sumner Gallery ‘Carnival’

2004-Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art Prize

2004-Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2003-Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2002-Made from Australia Galleries, Canberra

2002-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2002-Boat House Gallery, Melbourne

2001-'Under Southern Skies' Ji Chen and David Chen, Made from Australia, Galleries, Canberra

2000-Without Pier Gallery, Melbourne

2000-Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2000-Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art Prize

1984 Shanghai National Gallery, Eastern China Water Colour Exhibition